Tuesday, January 15, 2013

T.F.M. Spotting - Peacock Bass Run

Riki Liskandarsyah of Malaysia returns with yet another stellar T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest entry of ten year peacock bass boom, pink flies, and broken fly rods.

Riki wrote...  "I have never preferred fishing for them in any way imaginable...at least not in the last several years.  There are a couple reasons why.  One thing due to the their existence as being an introduced species and their abundance has almost depleted the local fish stock.  Secondly is most likely of its nature that needs you to cast a sinking line and a big bushy fly.  It just ain’t my cup of tea.

I can recall the last time I've ever landed one, it was almost five years back, using a conventional outfit and a small minnow as bait.  The size is nothing to shout home about.  Even when a couple of the fly fishing buddies somehow found a shallow stillwater spot and were hauling one big one after another, using vintage glass rods, I was still undeterred by it.  But when the thing is being smacked right on your face every single day for three whole weeks, it is about time to check what the fuss is all about. 

This area is a network of old mining lakes in an up north state.  Having been locally infamous for harboring these pavon and temensis variants for more than two decades already, the spot was somehow rather quiet the past few years.  So when it’s discovered again, and very much partial to pink streamers, we’re having the (bassing) time of our lives.  Just when the monsoon made its hardest mark on Malaysian soil, and the rivers are too swollen to wade thru, and the hatches are all frozen up due to the heavy rains...the basses are coming right to our feet. 

The rain raises up the water level and overwhelms the brush and grass on the lake banks and the basses will be lurking in between the leaves and shadows waiting in ambush for the bait fish colonies that’s been taking resident in it.  Pink streamers in hand and just as the sun is positioned slightly slanted above your head...the hunt begins.  

About ten years ago I've heard of such phenomenon when the basses were aplenty and willing all thru the season.  According to some old timers, they had the same thing too back in the early 90's.  Looking at the pattern, I guess we really are now in the middle of the bass run of the decade.  We might as well savour it to the last drop.  Although for now fishing them using bass (graphite) fly rods is much easier but once in while, when the wind is less disturbing, and the fish linger closer to the banks, glass is always the fun bet.  A twenty inch specimen could really give you the run for your money.  And did I tell you I broke my McFarland Juniata seven weight on one…?" 

Check out the Red Rebel Overfloater Co. Facebook page for more Malaysian fly fishing exploits from Riki and his comrades.

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Peacock bass are on my bucket list.