Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Last night I stayed up way to late messing around online and half watching a movie with my wife.  I posted something on the T.F.M. Facebook page and Timothy Hough made mention of his "Zombie Rods".  He sent an email early this morning with a few photos and I thought it would be fun to show off his work here.

Timothy wrote...  "Cameron...Thanks for the response.  Enclosed are a few pictures of rods culled from yard sales and flea markets.  Returned from rod death, they may look something like their former selves, but they have been converted and are now undead "Zombie Rods".

I've sold a few and donated a number to the local Valley Forge T.U. chapter for fund raiser raffles.  I will paint them if their cosmetics require it but mostly I just clean them up and leave them plain.  Many will show the banding where the original guides were placed and I think that is part of their charm and part of the story of their former lives.  I will often wrap right up to the end of the female ferule to hide some ugly stains or blemishes.

My favorites, ultralight spin rods in the 6' to 7" range, convert to fairly fast action five weights.  The rods never have tubes so I use PVC and wrap them in mason line or other cord to gussy them up a bit and improve the presentation.  Vintage flea market bags complete the picture.

People are always surprised when they cast one & then I tell them what the rod used to be.  I hope you like my results.  There are two photos each of three rods, one of a fourth, and one of some promising future "Zombies"."

There is a ton of vintage glass wasting away at flea markets, thrift shops, eBay, and the local garage sales.  It's really cool to see someone make these finds and give them some life again.  Quite a few of these old school glass fly rods end up casting much better after they are redone by changing the placement of the guides and even adding one or two more in the process.

Check out the Zombie Rods Facebook page for more information.


james deloria said...

Hey Cam. I've been doing the same thing since you got us all on to the glass revival! And collecting the same makers (not surprisingly as that's what's out there). I'll send a pic of a camo paint job that I did on a "White Knight" 7 weight. Cudos to Mr Hough's work and the catchy name. He shall forever be known as Fly Zombie.

Bill Trussell said...

I admire anyone who has the patience to create or even wrap the guides on a fishing rod. Thanks for sharing

ratfacedmcdougal said...

Zombie rods. Now I know what I've been making. I do it a lot as building rods can get to be expensive and rebuilding $2 rods fits my budget. Some unknown gems can be had. I've got one I wish I knew the maker as it is a great rod with the right number of guides and proper spacing. $2 for that one and it included a Johnson spin cast reel.

Ralph Long said...


I was fortunate to meet Mr. Hough today in a fly shop for the first time and spoke with him about his rods and how he builds his tubes. A great conversation. Ironic I found this post the same day. Great stuff.


Cameron Mortenson said...

Ralph...thanks for the note. I was able to meet Tim in Asheville a few weeks back. Great fellow.