Friday, February 15, 2013

Fine Tackle James Green Build Offering

Christian Hörgren of Fine Tackle has offered up his latest build which is on a James Green Semi-Parabolic three piece four weight blank.  Christian's builds have a style all their own and it's really neat to see him delve in rod building on a more serious level. 

Christian wrote...  "This taper was developed in close dialogue with James Green who also rolled the blank. The finish of the blank is amazing.  Un-sanded, yellow blank with thin walls.  Crisp recovery and smooth semi-parabolic action.  There aren't many parabolics out there, and this is absolutely one of the best tapers available.  It's an excellent rod with a WF4/DT4, but it can handle a three weight nicely as well.  Nice progressive action on shorter distances, and a deeper flexing semi-parabolic action on longer distances (from 30'-40' feet).

The rod is appointed with my own all cork reel seat, bronze guides, brown/orange silk and Threadmaster Lite.  Includes aluminum tube and my own rod sock in cotton canvas.

Price is $550 with shipping from Sweden."

Check out the Fine Tackle website for more information.  Follow along on the Facebook page as well. 

Christian can be contacted by email if interested in purchasing this build.

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