Thursday, February 14, 2013

Franken Fly...It's Alive

Paul Beel is the mastermind behind the somewhat new, but already filled with killer content, website called Franken Fly.  Prior to Paul pushing play on Franken Fly, he and I had traded emails and ideas about his website and I am beyond impressed about what he's created.

Paul wrote...  "I created Franken Fly hoping to provide all kinds of fly tying information.  I want to shine a spotlight on unappreciated tyers, while also posting fly tying interviews, product reviews, new products, history, and anything else fly tying related.  I want Franken Fly to be a place that others with the same passion and devotion to fly tying call home."

Franken Fly is full of fly tying tutorials, reviews, interviews, and glimpses of Paul's own fly creations as well.

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