Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Loon Outdoors UV Wader Repair...Or Barbed Wire's A Total B?&$@

For whatever reason on the last two trips fly fishing in Montana have involved a mishap with barbed wire versus a pair of waders with someone in the group. I don't think there is anything quite as destructive to breathable waders than over estimating your inseam and catching a sharp point in the crotch area while stepping over a barbed wire fence row.  It doesn't matter how ancient or rusty the barbed wire is, it still cuts wader fabric like a damn knife.

This past fall our guide, Joel Thompson of Montana Troutaholic Outfiitters needed a quick fix for his Simms pant waders and lucky for him, I was carrying a tube of Loon Outdoors UV Wader Repair and UV Power Light in my gear bag.

Less than two minutes later the waders were fixed and we were off to the river.  While Joel worked on the fix to his waders, I snapped a few photos of how easy this day saving product is to use.

Truth told the UV Waders Repair will cure from direct sunlight but the UV Power Light will cause it to cure faster or when using it on a cloudy day or back at the house at night.  I'm sure using the wader repair on the outside of the wader is enough but it's added security to squeeze out a dose on the inside of the cut as well. 

Do you carry a wader repair kit in your gear bag? I never did until a couple of unfortunate barbed wire incidents changed that thought process and now Loon Outdoors UV Wader Repair is always close at hand just in case.  It's cheap insurance at $8.50 a tube.

Check out the Loon Outdoors website for more information.


Anonymous said...

Not bad insurance at all, to say the least. Thanks for the tip. Now, I think I will look into buying some insurance.

Matthew Byrne said...

Never leave home with out it. I have patched the tow ski tube and it has held for almost a year with serious abuse. I also patched the kids basket ball ofter my dane popped it. Also a met a guy in MI near the Manistee that blew his neoprenes out. My buddy patched him up and they gave us a couple of shots of whiskey as thanks.

Damn good stuff

Cameron Mortenson said...

Rainbow problem. I never thought I needed it...until I REALLY needed it. Works like a charm too.

Matthew...payment by whiskey sounds alright by me.