Sunday, February 10, 2013

Patagonia Nano Puff Pullover Review

Last night we touched down in Denver (safe but two hours late I might add) and thus begans a week where I will more or less live, ski, hike, drive, snowshoe, and of course chase our two children everywhere while wearing my Patagonia Nano Puff Pullover.  There isn't a technical layer that I value as much as this pullover and it's no wonder that it's been an essential in my carry on for trips or stuffed into my messenger bag that I carry to work on any day it might be cool enough to put it on.

As I readied for a trip to Montana this past fall I looked at the Nano Puff Pullover as a versatile layer to wear while fly fishing, either alone or under my waterproof wading jacket, and it has quickly became my jacket of choice as it is very comfortable, lightweight, windproof, and water resistant as well.

Patagonia calls it "Relaxed Fit" and I would agree with that.  Whatever size shirt you wear is likely the size you'll need for a Nano Puff piece.  It is also perfect to carry along everywhere as it packs down inside of the chest pocket, and when needed, zips out without a wrinkle.  This pullover also cleans up and looks like new after a trip through the washing machine and dries quickly ready to be worn again. 

- Comfortable and insulating at a wide range of temps.
- Windproof
- Water resistant
- Packs down inside pocket for travel.
- Also available as a Vest, Jacket, or Hoody.
- Patagonia quality backed by their Ironclad Guarantee.

- You are going to buy one for your significant other.
- You are even going to think about buying your kids one.

While putting the finishing touches on this review this morning I noticed that on the Patagonia Nano Puff Pullover web page there are over 300 reviews posted and this piece, along with most of the other Nano Puff pieces, average a five star rating.  That is damn impressive.

Check out the Patagonia website for more information.  Nano Puffs pieces are priced from $79 to $249.  There's still enough winter left in most places to get a lot of use out of a Nano Puff pullover or jacket before spring arrives and warms things up.


Jay said...

I have the jacket and a vest.
Vest I wear under a sports jacket when it's too cold to wear it alone.

The Nano jacket is one amazing gear. It was around low 30 F today and a stiff wind causing a lower chill factor. I had a t-shirt and a long sleeve shirt and I never had moment feeling less than warm and cosy.

A huge step above fleece: much less bulky, better insulation and more breathable.

Dave Zielinski said...

Nano puff is nice, but I'm really partial to my down sweater. I wear that thing three seasons for all my outdoor activities. Just be careful to not puncture it or snag it on thorns. Ask me how i know.

Unknown said...

This is some coincidence! I just bought one a week ago(on extreme-$75!- sale, i never could afford one new) After a 4 hr nightime climbing session it's now one of my favorite as well! the breathability and wind protection is surprising for such a light and compact jacket! Absolutely fantastic for fishing as well, it keeps ya toasty! If only it was a bit lower in price... Regardless, Kudo's to Patagonia!
Thanks to you at TFM for providing me with countless hours of occupation! I love the blog!!!

M.A. Hughes said...

Welcome to CO, and I hope the skies dump of whatever slope you're on. Pati makes incredible stuff. My wife just picked up a longer down coat, and she says it keeps her warm no matter what. Pretty good for someone that is cold when it's 85 degrees outside.

Bob Diefenbacher said...

Just FYI, stbernardsports has last year's colors on sale, and the women's jacket comes out to $90 shipped after coupon code. Which is a pretty great price to score some brownie points with your lady.