Friday, February 22, 2013

T.F.M. Spotting - Murray Cod On The Fly

Australian reader Ben Hohnke of Hohnke Hooks sent this T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest image of a fly caught Murray Cod while wearing his Comrade sun mask.

Ben wrote...  "I was fishing in the Peel River around Tamworth, New South Wales, and it was a 42 degree Celsius day.  Murray cod are an apex predator that mainly dwell in snags and become very territorial.  This particular fish was caught out of the stand of Shea oak trees in the background.  The beauty of cod is your presentation doesn't have to be gentle and you want your retrieve to be as loud as humanly possible to wake them up and get them to look up at your fly.  

Five good casts under the same tree and then I saw the rod tip dip down twice and lifted into this one.  My mate Andrew quickly paddled us back out of the snag before the fish bricked us and I was able to land him in the open water.  

You can't give these fish an inch of line or they will destroy you in the sticks!  They are the most iconic freshwater species in our state and can grow crazily big.  One was captured not to long ago that measured over 1.5metres in length.

Oh yeah, if I didn't have the T.F.M. Sun Mask on my sensitive ginger skin would have been burnt to a crisp."

Well done and a this post is a great testimonial to the benefits of a Free Fly Apparel made T.F.M. Sun Mask too.  Protect your skin and look good doing it.

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Very cool fish and photo!! Makes me missing some of the best bass waters in Alabama! Great post! Thanks!