Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Leiderman Rods Faternal Twins Builds

Over the last few years I've seen Matt Leiderman of Leiderman Rods do several twins and even triplet Steffen builds and each set turns out uniquely wonderful.  There may not be a better line up of blanks to chose from than those from Steffen Brothers for a project like this and they certainly get the full treatment in the Leiderman Rods shop.

Recently Matt completed an 8' 3/4 weight and 8'3" 5/6 weight builds for a client and they turned out quite stunning.

Matt wrote...  "I had a client who requested a pair of Steffen rods finished similarly but I suggested beefing up the 8'3" 5/6 a bit by putting a larger (but still 6 inch) grip and slightly bigger seat.  Hardware was a bit different since I used Lemke seats and I didn't want to mix knurl patterns so the ferrule rings and winding check lack my usual knurling and finish.  They are more rounded and tie in nicely to the swooped retaining ring on the seat.  Brass hardware was bronzed to match the seat hardware.  Quite a fine pair of two excellent rods.  It's tough to beat Mark's blanks and rod designs."

Check out the Leiderman Rods website for more information and follow along with the latest shop news on the Leiderman Rods Facebook page.

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Montana Mikey said...

Fly box arrived today so please note this addendum to my earlier post. Great fly box for the money. Communications could stand some improvement.