Monday, April 1, 2013

Bohen's Hang Time Optic Bluegill

Mr. Zero to Hero, Brad Bohen, has spent much of his winter hiding out in the S.C.O.F. studio in downtown Asheville.  It's been a winter of southeast musky exploration and living the gypsy life out of the Land Cruiser.  Not a bad way to kill the cold months.

Brad is playing along with the "Year of the Bluegill" theme and created this Hang Time Optic Bluegill the other weekend.  It's a fish eat fish world and there is more than one species that would take a swipe at this pattern. 

Steven Seinburg of Southern Culture On The Fly provided the photographs for this post.

Maybe we'll see this one in stuck in the face of a Wisconsin smallmouth or musky before the coming season is over.

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