Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Morgan's M.K. Magicicada

The "Year of the Bluegill" fly tutorials continue today with Morgan Kupfer of Tight Lined Tales of a Fly Fisherman tipping everyone off on his own cicada pattern which may end up being a big protein source on waters across the U.S. this spring and summer.  I can already hear them singing in the trees.

The 17 year cicadas, also know as the Magicicada or Brood II will be hatching this year at some point in April or May.  A little pattern I tied up in anticipation of the event, with some guidance of "Scott's 13 Year Cicada Pattern" and a little ingenuity is now called the MK Magicicada.

Here's what you'll need to tie for the big hatch:

Hook - Allen Fly Fishing Glo Bug hook -Size 6
Body - Black sparkle chenille
Foam - 1.5" x 0.5" piece of black 2mm foam
Wings - Orange Krystal Flash and Orange Kip Tail
Legs - Brown or Orange Sili Legs (0.5" long) x2
Thread - Black Danville Flymaster Plus

Start off your fly by tapering one end of your foam into a thorax shape.

Use the Glo Bug hook to give the fly just enough weight to balance it in the surface film.

Next, begin to wrap on your thread mid-shank and wrap back slightly into your hook bend.

Tie in your chenille and wrap almost to the eye.

Tie off your chenille.

Grab your foam and tie that in at the head so that it slightly overhangs the back of your hook.

Use your thread to segment the head by tying a second section slightly behind the first.

Tie in a solid clump of your Krystal Flash in the rear segment

Tie in a solid clump of orange Kip Tail on top of the Krystal Flash.

Give it a little dab of CCG, Loon UV Fly Finish, or Super Glue (whatever you prefer), on top of the flash and tail wings to help hold them in place.

Double back your foam and tie it in at that same rear segment and trim off the extra. 

Tie in your legs on either side of the head and secure with more adhesive.

Whip finish your thread and add a little adhesive for insurance since fish will be tearing these bad boys apart!

For more info on the hatch, news, updates, and emergences, check out Tight Lined Tales of a Fly Fisherman and click on the Magicicada icon on the top right hand sidebar. Be sure to use the hashtag #TLTFFcicada to report on anything Magicicada and help get the word out.

Thanks Morgan for the tutorial.  I can see a lot of fish besides bluegill making a meal out of a M.K. Magicicada.


El Rakeman said...

Oh yeah...I'll be hitting up Sportsman's Warehouse for some orange flash...unless I've already got some, so I can tie up this bad boy!

Swamp Yankee said...

Awesome! I've read about these giant bugs recently and even watch the 'cicada tracker' site. I've been waiting for a big fly pattern to come out. Nice SBS. Thanks

The Sasquatch said...

I gotta try this. Too bad I suck donkey at tying! Last time around, the area closest to me that is littered w/ brookies and wild brownies had an EPIC hatch.

Morgan Kupfer said...

Thanks for posting this Cam! Stoked to see these bugs come out!

Casey Ryan said...

sweet little fly and an an easy tie

Devin Angleberger said...

Really nice tie, I can see it hanging out of some carp's mouths this spring.

Anonymous said...

Really like this pattern. I will get on it and tie some up. I would expect the Bluegill and Bass and Carp in my area would chew them up good.