Monday, April 15, 2013

Off My Meds

I have a serious thing for clean and orderly fly boxes and one evening last week, while the wife was watching one of her shows that I barely follow, I had fly boxes and flies scattered all over trying to make sense of them. 

I am admittedly a bit OCD...but at the end of my madness everything looks orderly and I now have five fly boxes which should cover all the warmwater needs from largemouth bass, to smallmouth bass, to bluegill, to carp, to whatever I come across on still or moving water.

The flies in these fly boxes are a combination of patterns that I've tied myself, bought from various indie fly tier friends, or been sent to demo from a couple different fly companies.  I like flies.

The beginnings of the "Ultimate Bluegill Box".  There's still a lot of room in this MFC Fly Case left to fill. 

Foam.  Bluegills dig foam.  SLURP.

A box full of J&M Flies poppers with room for another dozen to squeeze in this lightweight Orvis box.

Making full use of the MFC Waterproof Boat Box with two sides of deer hair and foam and two sides of weighted swimmers of all sorts.

The latest big bass dinner offerings from Umpqua in one of their Boat Boxes.  These flies will gurgle, splash, and hunt.

Smallmouth and carp beware.  These buggy creations might trick you.  I hope that they do.

With the fly boxes all organized, it's time to plan regular trips to the family pond and a few other places that I've been thinking about all winter.  Bring on summer.


Flyinthesouth said...

I do this once a year at least- takes hours. That bass box is dirty.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Jason...good to know that there is another OCD freaker like myself.

Anonymous said...

Damn those are pretty boxes. I need to fly you over and organize mine, you'd cringe.

Jeff said...

Fabulous boxes! Curious what the orange and yellow foam pattern is for Bluegill? Thanks so much for sharing your blog. I've spent an entire afternoon reading through it!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Jeff...thanks for the kind words on the website. Are you talking about the Panfish Persuaders?