Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Realistic Flies Soft Hackle Bee

The Year of the Bluegill fly tutorials continue this week with Fred Hannie of Realistic Flies putting together this impressive step by step for his Soft Hackle Bee pattern.  

Fred wrote...  "Bluegills are not thought to be very finicky eaters.  I think this is largely in part to how voracious the three to four inch juveniles are.  They will attack anything they think could be edible and because of the competition for food from the rest of the school, they will race to do so.  If your goal is to catch these little dinks you don’t need to tie anything too fancy.   The fly I will show you here is what I use to catch a bunch of his big brothers.  

I use 6/0 white thread to tie many different colors without changing thread.  In addition to the thread you will need some markers, .025 lead free wires, a soft hackle feather and a TMC 1167 size #14 hook.  My favorite colors to tie this fly are honey bee (shown), fire tiger and black /chartreuse.  The shape of the hook and the colored thread are what make this fly so effective.  Yet the soft hackle adds an important trigger."

Click on the photos to view images and instructions larger.

Tie some up and let me know about your favorite colors.

Check out the Realistic Flies website to see more of Fred's excellent work.

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