Wednesday, June 26, 2013


It's been really neat to see so many artists having their own fun with the Year of the Bluegill theme and Jeff Kennedy of Drawing Flies 365 certainly brings to life the vividness of these panfish with his latest painting dubbed "Firebelly".

Jeff wrote...  "My latest painting I've called "Firebelly" and this one has a story behind it.  I started this painting about a month or so back and totally messed it up.  The shapes and proportions were all wrong and it looked like a piranha!  Every time I walked by the easel it laughed at me.  Well, I took matters in my own hands and transformed it to this.  Unfortunately though the camera does not do it justice.  I used an iridescent green glaze to give it that fishy look.  I hope you enjoy."

To check out more of Jeff Kennedy's work please visit Drawing Flies 365.

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