Monday, June 24, 2013

Gear Review - Accent Transformer

I've gotten a couple emails lately asking what paddle I use with my Diablo Chupacabra and these inquires were a good reminder that I haven't posted a follow up review of the Accent Transformer Paddle that I've been using for over a year now.

I purchased the Accent Transformer since I was looking for a do all paddle that would keep me from wanting to carry both a kayak paddle and SUP paddle when on the water in one of several of our kayaks.  I spend the majority of my time in the Chupacabra and at 10'6" there just isn't a lot of extra room to carry more than one paddle and with the Transformer there is absolutely no reason to. 

The Transformer is one part kayak paddle, one part SUP paddle, one part push pole, and one part stake out pole.  Four functions and it pulls each feat off flawlessly.

When I first pulled all the pieces out of the box that they were shipped in, I remember thinking that the paddle had a bit more heft to it than the single purpose carbon fiber kayak and SUP paddles that I have been using.  The fiberglass shaft of the Transformer does weigh a bit more but you'll never know it when you're on the water.  When paddling in either kayak or SUP configuration, the Transformer moves water effortlessly and I've jammed the paddle blades between enough rocks and tree stumps to find that the construction of the blades handle the abuse without issue.  I've used the Transformer as a push pole and stake out pole very little but enough to know it's always a handy option to have while on the water. 

Switching out and reconfiguring the paddle is easy and it's no problem to do while sitting or standing in a kayak.  Tuck the pieces that you'll need in your gear bag or kayak crate for easy access while out on the water.    

As I was writing this review last night I came across a photograph on the Accent Paddles Facebook page along with some limited information of the Transformer Pro which is made entirely of carbon fiber instead of the Transformer model which has a fiberglass shaft with nylon blades.  The Transformer Pro just may be the ultimate fishing kayak/SUP paddle.

In short, the Transformer is an excellent paddle to handle a lot of different tasks in your kayak or SUP board and the price of it is well within reason as well.  You could easily spend three or more times the price if you went out and individually bought a kayak paddle, SUP paddle, stake out pole, and push pole and still not end up with as solid of a product as the Accent Transformer.   The Transformer is priced at $230 while the Transformer Pro is priced at $300.  Function matched with value make this an easy choice for a do all paddle.

Check out the Accent Paddles website for more information.  To purchase use the "Where To Buy" page to find your nearest dealer. 

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