Monday, June 3, 2013

JP Ross Fly Rods - Kabuto Rods 8053

Recently Jordan Ross of JP Ross Fly Rods & Co. finished another build on a white Kabuto Rods 8053 glass blank and did a stellar job of showing off his work with these photographs.

Jordan wrote...  "Thanks to my involvement with The Fiberglass Manifesto and Fly Master, and also being good friends with a few fiberglass fly rod fanatics, I think we have nailed the elegant look and feel of the Kabuto Rods fiberglass fly rod.  This is one of many that I have made, but this one just screams to me.  So Simple...but so pretty.  I just love it.  I am happy to ship this to my buddy Allen Ray Watts.  Enjoy my friend.  The Japanese inscription looks awesome."

Check out the JP Ross Fly Rods & Co. website and follow along with the latest shop news on the Facebook as well.

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