Sunday, June 23, 2013

Southern Appalachian Rod Company

The Southern Appalachian Rod Company has been a recent addition to the Rod Shops page on this website and rod builder Nathan Chapman is certainly offering something unique for the dedicated small stream technician with the White Oak Creek Series of fiberglass fly rods. 

The two fly rods in this series are fine tuned for blue lines and tight quarters fly fishing and are very reasonably priced starting at $200.  Fly rods can be customized for an additional $50 along with the cost of the materials.

Nathan wrote...  "The White Oak Creek Series glass rods are imported mustard yellow blanks with spigot ferrules.  We currently only offer two models in a standard format.  First, a 6'6" 2/3 weight four piece which is a very light tipped rod that flexes really well allowing the line to load at very close range.  If tight brushy streams are your bread and butter then this is the rod to go with.  In it's standard form, this rod is wrapped in green and orange thread.  

The second rod is a 7' 3/4 weight three piece model that has a larger diameter butt section and allows more reserve power as a result.  This rod is capable of making longer casts on bigger water if need be.  It is wrapped in copper and dark brown threads in the standard form.  

We can customize either model for a fee.  Our objective is to specialize in reasonably priced, short light line glass rods, that stand up well to the rigors of small stream fishing in the southern Appalachians, or mountains everywhere for that matter.  We want to help folks who don't want to fish an $800 rod through the brush find a viable alternative and one that they can thoroughly enjoy.  So far we've had plenty of positive feedback on this series of fly rods."

Personally, the 6'6" 2/3 weight in four pieces sounds like a perfect light line fly rod always to have around for bluegills to brook trout.

Check out the Southern Appalachian Rod Company website for more information and follow along with the latest shop news and offers on the Facebook page.


devin bokey said...

The owner Nathan Chapman is a complete jerk to work with. Don't suggest it.

Unknown said...

Idk man. He's answered all my questions in a timely manner, given me advice and even sent pictures at 10:00 at night. This is all on a $300 rod that he's probably not making much on.

Nathan Chapman said...

Going this far out of your way to be petty and have a negative impact on someone's livelihood probably says a lot more about you, just sayin'.

Conor Burgess said...

Unfortunately for nathan I have to agree with devin. He was condescending and it turned me off very much so. While I dont intend to hurt his livelyhood or his business, I hope in the long run this helps him direct his actions in a more business professional manner. Like he did to devin I assume he will bark back with an innapropriate response further showing his lack of profeasionalism. Thank you.