Wednesday, June 12, 2013

T.F.M. Spotting - B-1 Afterburner Edition

Every now and then an email drops into my inbox that really puts things into perspective.  It's also neat to see that there at least a few people out there that appreciate and look forward to new content going up on T.F.M. almost daily.  

Recently Rich Morrison sent an email dispatch from Afghanistan where he is living through a six month deployment fly B-1's over Afghanistan and attached several photos including what may be one of the most badass T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest submissions ever. 

Rich wrote...  "Hi Cam...I've put the shirt you sent to good use.  This may be a little out of the norm as I am a B-1 pilot currently deployed to south west Asia on a six month tour.  I've included a couple of photos of the jet, including one I took while we were on the boom getting gas inflight with the tanker at sunrise over Afghanistan.  

One of the things that keeps me going out here is thoughts of the fishing I'll do when I return and the lovely spots those trips will take me.  It helps more than you might know.  I love reading the blog when I'm out here and I thank you for the escape it offers as well as the great info on rods I want to own and fish.  

I was out at the runway a few days ago for a dusk launch of one of my fellow crews.  I was representing T.F.M. love and so took my flight suit down to the waist and got a photo just as they hit full afterburner to start the take off roll.  Thanks again for everything."

Rich...keep flying safe and thanks for the note.  I am glad that T.F.M. is helping you stay sane over there and hopefully you'll soon be home fly fishing again.


Michissippi said...

That's awesome.

Matt(Holliston) said...

Holy cow! My kinda guy and thanks for them !!


gfen said...

the only way you can find someone to top this entry is if you can get 'em to sticker their flight helmet.