Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Redfish Tail iPad Mini Stand

Shawn Bichsel always seems to be tinkering with something be it digital sketches, fly box art, and quite a bit of woodworking as well.  I had seen a couple different iPad and business card stands that Shawn has made and asked if he would build a stand for my iPad mini.  What I got was a very cool Comrade'esque redfish tail that not only holds my iPad mini but flip it over and I can put a short stack of T.F.M. business cards in there too.

Shawn wrote...  "Check this out.  It's got a flavor of the T.F.M. Comrade logo and a bit of off centered flare.  This stand was built on an awesome piece of Brazilian Arapari wood.  I also cut a slot on the back side that will serve as a business card holder."

Check out SBIXEL.COM to see more of Shawn's work and contact him for your own custom wood or art order.

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Bigdryfly said...

That's a great looking stand!