Thursday, August 29, 2013

Glass Is For Musky

This morning I left the Musky Lab and made my way back to the airport in Minneapolis.  A flight change and delay is giving me a chance to catch up on emails and also found a post that Brad Bohen of Musky Country Outfitters put up on his Facebook page after I left the house.  

Brad has always confessed a soft spot for fiberglass fly rods and fishes a couple old school rods on his days off that he built year ago.  This trip was his first exposure to contemporary fiberglass and if you read his status update below I'd say he was impressed.

Brad wrote...  "Glass Is Not Dead!  Never was with me...

Huh? I'm talking fiberglass fly fishing rods here Sportsfans.  You know...those 'junky old rods' that some of us learned to cast on back in the late 1970's and early 1980's before the era of graphite.

Let me tell you all something...there is nothing 'junky' about today's modern fiberglass (and for the record neither is there about the fine quality vintage glass still out there by quality makers).  Three days fishing Musky Country with Glass Guru Cameron Mortenson, of The Fiberglass Manifesto, has rekindled my love for this fiber and strengthened my notion of how relevant fiberglass is for casting big flies for big predators!

I'm already planning my off season rod building around some custom glass blanks from modern makers like Epic.  Fast glass is cool and mark my words is gonna be a hot commodity in the boats of savvy musky fly fishing practitioners.

Glass is slow but that is so, so apropos in this facet of the fly fishing realm.  Nothing in musky fly fishing can be rushed!  Read that again Sportsfans...NOTHING in musky fly fishing can be rushed.

And the slow, sexy nature of fiberglass is just right for casting, presenting and bringing the hook home in this game of musky fly fishing.

Yup...I'm a bonafide "Glass Geek"!  Always have been...and proudly will be more and more...

Thanks for rekindling the fire Cameron!   Safe Travels home and come back soon."

Without a doubt I will be back and I'll be bringing my big musky ready glass sticks with me.

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