Monday, August 5, 2013

Ijuin-Rod - "Yomogi" Fly Rod Series

Lately I've been doing some research on a few of the Japanese fiberglass fly rod builders that were included in the "Glass Fisher" edition of Fly Fisher magazine.  There are quite a few talented rod builders in Japan and even though some of their websites are hard for me to navigate due to language differences, I am finding some stellar work being done there.  

Ijuin-Rod was one of the included builders in the magazine and I am happy to share information from rod builder Kazutomo Ijuin of his "Yomogi" series of fiberglass fly rods.  These fly rods are both beautiful and unique in their design.  I hope to cast one at some point.

Please note that besides finished fly rods that Kazutomo Ijuin is also offering blanks from this series for purchase.

Kazutomoto Ijuin sent an email last week explaining the design and background of this fly rod series...

"Yomogi "series are made by UD-Glass painted with a green color.  These rod action is a parabolic action that is fun to cast!

The cork grip was shaped as a design of a Japanese candle.  The cap and ring was designed as a  candlestick.

The concept of this series is "slow hand casting with an easy touch".  Don't strain yourself.  Don't hurry.  Slow and soft presentation.  Let's have fun to meet a good fish.

What is "Yomogi"?  The name of this rod, "Yomogi", is a kind of grass that you can see anywhere in Japan.  People put this grass in the rice cake.  Good flavor and taste.  This is a Japanese traditional sweet.  I like it very much!  This is  just a reason.  Sweets of grass became a sweet glass rod.

The best thing I want to say, I shaved off the power until a minimum in designing this rod. Please check this rod action.  Please cast this rod and have fun to fish!

Yomogi 7'00" 3 Weight/3 Piece
Price - ¥56,700JPY
Special Edition - ¥80,000JPY
Blank - ¥14,000JPY

Yomogi 7'03" 4 Weight/3 Piece
Price - ¥56,700JPY
Special Edition - ¥80,000JPY
Blank ¥14,000JPY

This edition is used with my original silk thread.  I selected good cocoons and the thread were dyed with vegetable dyes.  The rod sock is homespun cotton with dyed vegetable dyes.

For more information, please visit the Ijuin-Rod website and follow the Facebook page as well.


Eunan said...

Sweet looking rods!!

The Sasquatch said...

The case is just as hot as the rod! It LOOKS expensive, especially in yens haha!

Fabian said...

"I selected good cocoons and the thread were dyed with vegetable dyes. The rod sock is homespun cotton with dyed vegetable dyes." Is that true? He selects the cocoons and spins the yarn? Holy moly... Beautiful rods

Cameron Mortenson said...

Eunan...indeed. I think I am going to get one of the four weights.

The Sasquatch...I agree and I agree. The Yen is not to friendly right now.

Fabian..."HOLY MOLY". Truth.