Monday, August 12, 2013

Playground Earth Relay - Browns Rising

As someone that writes this website, and also keeps track of all the social media pages that are associated with T.F.M., I'm always watching how companies, skillfully or not, use marketing and advertising.  To me, the best examples are more subliminal than the hard sell on anything.  I'd rather see how something works or performs as opposed to being told (over and over) to buy something.   

Recently BF Goodrich put together a group of outdoor athletes and gave each team the opportunity to tell their stories while doing the sport that they enjoy.  Louis Cahill and Kent Kerwin of Gink & Gasoline were a part of this project and their episode, dubbed "Browns Rising", went live last week. This is a fun video to watch and I think Louis even broke out his Scott F2 for the day on the Owyhee River.

Check out Gink & Gasoline to read more on this video project and follow the rest of the Playground Earth Relay videos on the BF Goodrich website and YouTube page.

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Nymph_Oh_maniac said...

Morty - Thanks so very much for posting this on your page. I've seen a thousand videos, but this one put into words so exceptionally and eloquently EXACTLY what fly-fishing means to me. I'm so excited to get home tonight to have my family watch it with me. While they appreciate my passion for the sport, I think this video, even being an advertisement of sorts, will finally give them understanding as to what fly-fishing means to my soul. Thank you.