Friday, September 13, 2013

Fine Tackle - A Unique Kabuto 8053

It's been a little bit since I've last shared a fly rod that Christian Hörgren of Fine Tackle has built, but after a busy summer of travel and holiday he's back to finishing a few fly rod projects. 

One of these projects being a very unique and interesting Kabuto Rods 8053 build.  The removable butt, with a little zippered pocket for it on the cloth rod bag, is genius with an artistic flair that Christian's builds are certainly becoming known for.

Christian wrote...  "This rod has been on the drawing table for quite some time. The customer is a nice American gentleman, Mr. Rodney Bohannon, with a very passionate relation to both fine tackle and exciting fishing. The blank is one of the contemporary classics, the Kabuto 8', 5wt. I have one of these rods myself, built by my friend Matt Leiderman. The high level of craftsmanship on Matt's build, together with the inspiring ideas from Mr. Bohannon has resulted in a unique rod. A rod that is not so typical for me..."

Christian's work is flawless and more can be read about this build on the Fine Tackle website.  Follow the latest shop news on the Facebook page as well.


Mike Sepelak said...

Dang, that's pretty.

Middlemac said...

Christian... superb. What a wonderful and inspiring piece of work. Thx Cameron.