Thursday, September 12, 2013

T.F.M. Spotting - "A Vast Media Empire"

To put it bluntly, several of my good friends like to give me a lot of shit about T.F.M., so it wasn't a surprise that David Lofthouse sent along this T.F.M. Spotting Contest Photo along with a note a few weeks ago in an email titled "A Vast Media Empire".

Dave wrote...  "So I am attending my monthly wood workers meeting and I see a chap wearing a pair of Costa sunglasses hanging jauntily about his neck.  I figure that he has got to be a fly fisherman.  Upon closer inspection, he is wearing a tee shirt that advertises a net company.  I look it up..."Sierra Nets"...and it turns out he is the owner.  I ask my buddy about him and he says, "Yea that guy has done some demos here for us.  Nice work."  

I walked up to Greg Madrigal and introduce myself and ask him about angling.  We chat a bit and then I casually point to the logo on my shirt and Greg says, "Oh yea, I know Cameron...well doesn't everybody?" 

Once again, the power of the empire."
Whatever...  It's good to at least have my friends duped.  HA...

I've admired Greg's work for a few years now and if you're looking for a handmade net then certainly take a few minutes to check out the Sierra Nets website and Facebook page.

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