Wednesday, October 2, 2013

J&M Flies - Comrade Poppers

A few months ago Jeff Price of J&M Flies and I hatched a late night idea to design a small popper using the vivid colors from the T.F.M. Comrade logo of red, yellow, and black.  Jeff went to work on the vise and came back a few days later with the Comrade Popper that you see in the photo below.

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The combination of red, yellow, and black (those tri-colored legs help too) make for a tasty looking popper that will find a home in the mouth of warmwater fish of all sorts.

The Comrade Poppers are a "Limited Edition" run of 100 hand painted poppers which are priced at $6 each.  Each popper purchase comes with a T.F.M. logo decal and #yearofthebluegill decal.

There are only about fifty of the Comrade Poppers left, so order soon if you'd like one or a couple.  To place an order, send an email to

I've said it before but no one does a better popper for the money than J&M Flies.  The quality of their flies is high and the prices are a downright steal for the work that they put into each fly.

For more information on J&M Flies check out their website or follow along on Facebook or Instagram.

The first half of the batch of Comrade Poppers have all been sold but J&M Flies is creating a list for those interested in placing an order for any of the remaining poppers that will be completed in the coming weeks.

Once the 100 "Limited Edition" Comrade Poppers are gone then no more will be made.

Please send an email to to get on the waiting list for your Comrade Popper order.

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Rick Munday said...

Digging up an old post but I was looking at this popper the other night and still think it's the best looking popper I've ever seen!