Friday, November 22, 2013

Gear Envy - The Bozeman Reel Co.

I have been following The Bozeman Reel Co. from their first concept and CAD drawings from a few years ago and have held off saying anything about them since they just weren't ready yet.  Fast forward to the now and The Bozeman Reel Co. is (finally) unveiling themselves as a real player in the fly reel game.

The Bozeman Reel Co. is offering three different fly reel series that are designed, tested, and manufactured in Montana with prices that appear to be reasonable for a U.S.A. made product.  I am especially keen on the RS and SC series and look forward to seeing their future offerings as well.

Check out these following media links for more background on The Bozeman Reel Co.


Check out The Bozeman Reel Co. website and follow their story as it all comes together on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.

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Mike Sepelak said...

Great lookin' stuff. I particularly like the M1 and SC. Fantastic classic looks. Dear Santa...