Friday, November 1, 2013

Graywolf Rods Signature E-Glass Series

Over the time that I have written T.F.M., I continue to be impressed by a select few of the small shop builders that are working to create their own new and unique offerings and not just build on the blanks of other makers. 

With that thought in mind, I would like to pass along that Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods has announced that he is adding a third series to his list of offerings with the addition of the Signature E-Glass Series.

At this point there are just two fly rods in the Signature E-Glass series with a three piece 7' four weight and 8' five weight with a taper and action that falls squarely between his Signature S-Glass and The Natural Series.

Shane wrote...  "The Signature E-Glass blanks are rolled in Pennsylvania by Mike McFarland.  The taper is the same as the yellow glass Mike and I worked out a couple years ago and as you know we simply ran out of the yellow glass material.  This "new generation" is the same taper but in three piece instead of four and the rods carry a bit more power and less weight than the previous "yellow glass".  I am not sure if these rods respond better and cast nicer than the previous because of the newer more advance material or if Mike has gotten even better at making the blanks. 

As far as the action, as compared to Mike's current fly rod offerings, the Signature E-Glass is a tad slower.   I don't want anyone to confuse these as being the same taper/action/flex or even mandrels to anyone else that is working with Mike on E-Glass blanks.  The Signature E-glass blanks that Mike and I have developed are proprietary.  The other difference in these rods compared to McFarland rods are the tips have a bit more material making them just a bit faster than the length of the rod. 

These tapers/rods are made to fit between the Signature S-Glass Series, which is more progressive medium/fast taper and powerful, and the Natural Series, which is full flex and progressive.

These fly rods will retail for $700, though the introductory price for fly rods from this first batch of blanks is $650.  The color will be dark amber, though on special request I will do the light amber or golden olive for those interested."

Please visit the Graywolf Rods website for more information.  Shane also updates the Blog and Facebook pages with the latest shop news as well.