Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'm A Guide...Not God

Steve "Sweet Chili" Martinez ain't God...and I didn't cast like an archangel with the two hander either.

For whatever reason Steve and I didn't have our typical good mojo working together yesterday and we got blanked on the lower Pere Marquette.  This was kind of a surprise to the both of us as I figured we'd at least get a couple pulls from the swing patterns that we were swimming.  Excuses excuses but the water was up, a bit dingy, and I wasn't casting worth a shit.   Further proof I need more time with the Fiberhammer.

Oh was still really good to get out on an impromptu day on the water with Steve.  We always have a good time together.   

There are surprisingly a lot of leaves on the trees for November which made for a beautiful scene with the trees awash in yellows, browns, and reds.  I had never been on the lower Pere Marquette before so it was neat to see a new stretch of water.

All in all a good day.     

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Middlemac said...

Nice post, truly. You maintained your sense of humor, which was appropriate with the fish laughing at you from just below the surface ;)