Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Becca Schlaff's Latest Originals

Lately, Michigan artist Becca Schlaff has been unveiling a string of fresh oil originals and I am not sure anyone has made a carp look more attractive than this first striking abstract.  The rest of the paintings that follow in this post and on her website are all quite excellent and it's no wonder that her work is showing up in various places online and in print media as well.


Check out Becca Schlaff's website for more on her available originals.  Many of her paintings are also available as a print in various sizes on canvas or photo print.  Check the merchandise page for more information.


Anonymous said...

Her work is amazing. I've been considering getting a set of her images to frame for my living room for awhile. Good to see she's adding to her collection!

Middlemac said...

Astonishing. She has great skilz as a draftsperson and the colors are wonderful. I particularly like images 1, 4 and 5 from the top. Thx for passing it on Cameron, Kev

speckledfrogart gallery said...

These are beautiful. She has truly captured the essence of these fish. You should also check out the hand carved and painted trout at :)