Tuesday, December 24, 2013

John Neeman Tools

For the past few weeks I have been totally geeking out on axes and handmade tools of all sorts, and these three videos on John Neeman Tools are high art, and really help make sense on the long wait times and prices of their various offerings.

To bring this around to fly fishing a bit, I think it would be really neat to see a few of the fiberglass fly rod builders highlighted like this in video to show off their skills and how they create art in the form of a fly rod.

Take twenty minutes on your busy Christmas Eve and check out each of these very well done videos. Good to see the old ways aren't dead in tool making.

Check out the John Neeman Tools website for more on their impressive offerings.


k_bor said...

Many thanks for a wonderful publication.


Cameron Mortenson said...

k_bor...no problem. I am glad that you enjoy.