Saturday, December 7, 2013

Soft Hackles - Tight Lines

I really dig blogs and websites that concentrate on a niche within fly fishing and lately I've spent quite a bit of time on Neil Norman's Soft Hackles, Tight Lines.  Neil is creating an online resource on soft hackle flies that is concise, highlights the history of these ever useful flies, and the macro photographs of the patterns are great as well.

Check out Neil's latest soft hackle recipe for Syl's Nymph and scroll back to see the dozens of other patterns which are chronicled as well on his website.

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Fumbling the Fly said...

That fly looks like a killer. Thanks for highlighting this blog. I like to fish a soft hackle as a trailer off a weighted nymph a lot. I'll definitely check it out.

Bill Trussell said...

I lost probably my best rainbow of the year Wednesday using a soft hackle fly. It is one awesome fly. The legs are the key to this flies success. thanks for sharing

whheff said...

Thanks for pointing me toward this site. I have been interested in soft hackles and this is a great place to see how to tie them.

Mel Moore (Pond Stalker) said...

Appreciate pointing me in the direction of Soft Hackles - Tight Lines. I love to fish with soft hackles and am always interested in seeing or reading about others approach to fishing them. Thanks, Cameron.