Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Fine Tackle Workshop

I am always interested in the spaces that many of the small shop builders do their work and this is an interesting glimpse inside the Fine Tackle workshop of Christian Hörgren.  Not to many fancy tools and this small room is more about what he is doing with his hands.  I am stoked to see Christian flying the Comrade flag as well.  What a great space for him to do his work.

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If you saw the inside of the shops of most of the small shop builders, you would be very surprised by the limited work area each of them have and yet they produce some of the finest fly rods that are being made right now with exceptional quality clearly being evident.

Christian's latest build is on the yet to be fully released Swift Fly Fishing Epic 480 blank in chestnut brown.  The color of this blank is certainly striking, as is Christian's work.  He also keeps teasing us with "The Can" fly reel too.

Check out the Fine Tackle website for more images of this build and follow the Facebook page to keep up with Christian's latest projects.

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The International Hobbyist said...

It's downright inspiring to see what he can do with such a small space, and apparently he doesn't have a massive amount of specialized tools either..My bench is about that size too, but not nearly as neat...