Thursday, December 12, 2013

The International Hobbyist - Is That An Olive In Your Salsa Or Are You Just Amber To See Me?

This post may have the longest title of any other blog post on this website, but Oliver Streuli's recent interview of Carl McNeil of Swift Fly Fishing is required reading and his witty title made me chuckle as well.

During the course of this interview Carl doesn't pull any punches and gives his side of the story on why he developed the Epic "FastGlass" blanks, talks about the long awaited "The Kit" (which I am pretty damn excited to see), and discusses some of the reasons for the success that they have experienced from the start which many ways  rests on shoulders and fine work of the "Epic Certified Builders" that have been building on these blanks from the start.

Oliver started the article with this...

"Carl McNeil is a man on a mission, a mission to bring some color to the often monochromatic world of fly rods. Carl, one of just two F.F.F. Certified Master Casters in New Zealand, decided to branch out from fly casting instruction and infuse some life and color in the fly rod industry via his new company, Swift Fly Fishing. I'd say he succeeded, as his Epic blanks, thanks to a handpicked team of dedicated and incredibly talented builders from around the world, have been turned in to some of the most innovative and head turning rods available."

Check out The International Hobbyist to read the complete interview and follow along on the Facebook page as well.

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