Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This Year In #yearofthebluegill

Even after year of seeing photo after photo and post after post tagged with #yearofthebluegill, I am still amazed that so many people played along with an idea that I came up with early on the morning of the new year.  It's been a lot of fun and I think it's given a little bit more respect to the ever feisty bluegill.

The year started with photos at the vise tying bluegill flies, then transitioned to quite a few bluegill selfies for the spring and summer months, and now again the feed is more images from the vise as the season has turned from fall to winter.  It's fun to see see the seasons change through these photographs over the course of the year.














At last check there were over 2,500 photos on Instagram with this hashtag and other mentions popped up on Facebook and Twitter as well. 

A few of my favorite photos from the past few weeks are in this year end post.  I hope you enjoyed them all.

Even though #yearofthebluegill is being retired today, the hashtag #glassisnotdead will still live on.  Who knows, there might be a throwback post every now and again with the #yearofthebluegill hashtag as well if photos keep showing up that are worthy of being shared.

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