Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Trio Of Epic's

It's always good to hear of readers positive experiences with the companies that support T.F.M. and when Rich Steckler emailed about the three fly rods that he had purchased from Robert Spalliero of Custom Fly Rod Crafters, I asked if he would mind sharing his experience for everyone to read.

Rich wrote...  "A few months ago I came across a classifieds ad for an Epic four weight posted by Robert Spalliero of Custom Fly Rod Crafters on the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum.  The build looked very nice and I have read about these rods but never cast an Epic, so I picked it up.  

The rod arrived, and having the good fortune to live on a stream, I took it down to the water for some test casting.  It was very nice, but not what I had expected given the "fast glass" marketing on the Swift Fly Fishing website.  In fact the rod is fairly full flexing but with a nice quick recovery.  In short, no excessive tip wobble that many full flexing rods have.  

The grip Robert turned for the rod was a huge Ritz grip and I mentioned that in an email to Robert.  Within minutes he replied telling me to send it back and he'd reshape it to my liking.  Done. He was so generous and accommodating I got thinking, "Hey, I have been looking for the right five weight, sampling more than a dozen vintage and modern glass rods over the past year, so maybe the Epic 508 is the one?"  I email Robert who had an Amber blank in stock and I had another Epic in a week.  The rod is in fact the five weight I have been hoping was out there.  And it is on the quick side of glass.  I look forward to taking it to the Bitterroot this July.  The perfect taper for casting dries on medium to large water that holds equally large Montana cutthroats and rainbows.  

After reading the glowing reviews on the 686 here and elsewhere, I decided what the heck, got a Salsa four weight, Amber five weight, might as well complete the hat trick with a Flame six weight.  I asked Robert to use saltwater safe components for those days striper fishing when the only fish close to shore are shad and 13 inch schoolies, although I am sure the rod can handle Massachusetts "keepers".  

After spending some time casting the six weight I know it will be the rod I'll fish with for landlock salmon here at home and in Maine.  It is as versatile as any rod could be, tremendous range (well, as much range as this caster is able to throw), and with feel all along the way." 

Custom Fly Rod Crafters carries everything needed for building your own fly rod from start to finish and they are the exclusive U.S. dealer for the Swift Fly Fishing Epic blanks.


ratfacedmcdougal said...

Other than Cameron, Rich handles more rods than anyone I know. The review is a gem for both the Builder and the blank maker. I'm my opinion if Rich is happy enough to get three blanks of the same manufacturer and builder, it must be a good combination.

Smitty said...

Is your 4 wt the 7'6" model or the 8'0" model?

bank maggot said...


Yes these rods have certainly struck a chord with me. I look forward to spring so I can get some fish stink on them. Opening day on the Willoughby with the 6wt perhaps. I haven't done that in a while.


The 4wt is the 8ft model. I have yet to handle the 7'6" but I hope to get the chance.