Monday, January 27, 2014

Finn Utility Streamer Wallet

This past weekend I received a text message from Ryan McDonald of Finn Utility and he mentioned that he was at the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset and had quite a few people come to his booth saying they had seen his products highlighted on T.F.M.  It feels good to hear things like that and highlighting some of the coolest things within the fly fishing industry is just one of the reasons why I write this website each day.

The text message also reminded me that I wanted to share the Finn Utility Streamer Wallet that I ordered for myself at Christmas that is now stuffed with swing patterns from a few of my favorite steelhead fly tiers.

The Streamer Wallet is made from a highly waxed cotton in dark orange which Ryan still has a very limited stock of.  The heavy weight waxed fabric, leather closure, and plush sherling makes for a high quality product that will last for decades on the water.  There is also an inside pocket which will hold leaders or more flies in small bags.  This wallet has quite a bit of capacity for flies with a very classic look as well.

Ryan has a very limited supply of this orange waxed fabric so if you are interested in a streamer wallet in this alternative fabric I would email and order one soon.

Check out the Finn Utility website to see more of what Ryan is working on.  Follow along on Facebook and Instagram as well for the latest shop news.


GSFeder said...

I made it up to the Somerset show for the first time and had a good time meeting people in real life that I've met online, including here, like Andrea Larko and her boyfriend the Snowman, Scott Hunter at Vedavoo, and Ethan Smith at SmithFly. The Finn Utility booth was very cool, too.

Rex Huang's Rexfly provides a solution to a problem I don't really think I have, but props to him for the creativity and engineering chops.

It was cool to see that Matt Grobert actually has an entire body attached to those hands that I've seen in countless videos and cool to meet Lauren Kingsley at the Painted Trout who has made some really cool textiles and curated some fun stuff my wife has given me as gifts over the years.

I'm looking forward to meeting you in person, too, one of these days, Cameron. I've got to spend more time in the dirty south. Hah!

By the way, New Year's in Charleston was awesome. Drinks NYE at FIG, dinner at Hank's Seafood House, brunch New Year's Day at High Cotton, and then dinner at Leaf Cafe a bit off the beaten path. I'd recommend any of them.

Cameron Mortenson said...

GSF...I heard that Ryan had one of the coolest booths at the show. Glad that you had a great trip to Charleston.