Saturday, January 4, 2014

Into The Canyon

With a day to kill before the Fly Fishing Show started this weekend, I was able to meet up with Ivan Orsic and Russell Schnitzer of The Fly Collective and hiked into Cheesman Canyon for a day of fly fishing together.  We had a really excellent time even if the trout were turned off on our midge patterns.  Russell caught one and Ivan and I both pricked a few.  All and all a good day and a decent hike to go with it.  Let's just say that 6,500 feet feels a lot different than home.

I had a chance to work out the Swift Fly Fishing Epic 480 and I am completely impressed with the taper of this fly rod.  Both Ivan and Russell, who I may be slowly winning over on glass, both couldn't believe what a smooth casting and accurate fly rod this was.  The 480 is a contender as my favorite Epic blank along with the 686.

To see more of Ivan and Russell's work apart and together check out the following websites...


It's kind of cool to go fly fishing with a legit photographer since at the end of the day it's his camera that you want images from and certainly not my own.  Thanks Russell for letting me share your work in this post.


Middlemac said...

Terrific photo story. Very cool to see TFM spun out in writing on the rod on Swift's website, too!


Unknown said...

Glad you could make it into the canyon while you're here. Cheesman is a special place!

J and M Flies said...

Looks good man. At least you made it out and cast some line!

Jay said...


Next time shoot some videos as well Cameron!

Bigdryfly said...

Great looking water! Wish I could have made it!