Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Beard Chronicles IF4

There are a lot of characters within the fly fishing community and Marc Crapo is near the top as being parts genius, fishbum, artist, and madman all built into one. 

In short, Mr. Crapo lives this shit.

This video was his submission to the International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) last year and it's been circling around social media this week.  I figured it would be a fun flick for everyone to enjoy that didn't catch it at IF4.

If you dig the song in this video then check out The Blue Aces.  The song is called "Dear Moon" and can be downloaded on iTunes or Amazon.

Check out more video genius on the Vimeo page and his art with leather on the Fly Wallets website.


Kevin Frank said...

Geez, I was thinking about skipping the IF4 this year because I felt the movies were getting stale. It seemed like people were putting more work into fish porn than making a meaningful movie. This one makes me want to watch IF4 movies again. The footage is great and the music really fits the movie. You can tell a lot of hear and soul was put into it. I really like it.

Mel Moore said...

Cameron, thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed this video. A few waters there that I am familiar with from my work life in Idaho. BTW, take a look at my blog post just up. See the TFM swag!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Kevin...there looks to be a couple really good films in IF4. I bet it will be worth going.

Mel...I'll check it out. Thanks.