Wednesday, February 26, 2014

9 Nifty Things From Pleasanton

The Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton was this past weekend and I had a really great time while there on both Friday and Saturday.  Thanks to all who attended the two presentations that I gave and also to those that stayed after to cast demo rods in the lawns nearby.  It's excellent to put some of the finest contemporary glass in the hands of those who might not have access to these fly rods otherwise.

There were a lot of familiar faces at this show but also met a few gear makers, artists, fly tiers, and organizations who certainly caught my eye which are listed below as highlights from the weekend.

I've been familiar with the leather artwork of Lance Marshall Boen for quite some time and it was really neat to meet him and see his very fine work in person.  Lance is doing unreal things with leather and I could see at least a small piece of his artwork on my office wall someday.

It's really exciting to see a conservation group with so much vision and enthusiasm as CalTrout with six offices spread across the state and projects ranging from coho recovery to golden trout protection.  They have a lot on their plate and are certainly a group to look to supporting with your membership or even a gear purchase.  All all helps towards the cause.

I guess I've known Al Ritt for the better part of five years and without a doubt he's one of the nicest guys within the fly fishing industry.  Recently Al finished 25 Best Most Versatile Flies, which covers several dozen flies with their history, step by step tying instructions, and the stories behind how these flies were developed.

This book can be purchased through Stonefly Press and The Angling Bookstore.

I have a couple of these bobbins and have been nothing but impressed with their use.  They are a step forward in design and getting a quick tutorial from Lyle Graff, owner of Rite Bobbin, on the best way to use their product was particularly insightful.

Check out the Rite Bobbin website for more information along with videos explaining each model offered.

There were quite a several artists at the Pleasanton show, working with all types of mediums, and Dave Allred's metal sculptures were some of my favorite.

I have followed Water Master online for several years now and really wish that I lived somewhere where I would get a ton of use out of one of their inflatables since they look to be such a badass, durable, and well thought out inflatable boats.

Rich from Water Master is extending the "Show Special" to any T.F.M. reader that contacts him by email and is discounting their boat purchase by $200 along with free shipping.  Mention this T.F.M. post to get the discount.  The special is good until the end of show season.

I've long admired the gear bags that Steve Abel produces and it was good to go hands on with the various offerings that he has designed and is now selling.  These gear items are Made in the U.S.A. and the quality is evident from the fabrics used to the zippers to the carry straps.  Impressive.

This group has been at a couple of the Fly Fishing Shows that I have attended this winter and it's neat to see an organization who's mission is to create a welcome mat for women in fly fishing.  Their funky caravan trailers are wonderfully unique and these ladies know how to have fun outdoors.

Visit the Sisters On The Fly website for more information.

Some dudes pose and some dudes live the life.  Jeff Currier lives the fly fishing life and besides creating fish artwork of all kinds, field testing products, and traveling the world, he also does the show circuit giving presentations on the wild places he's been. 

The Fly Fishing Show, wherever it is, is always a good time and it's really neat to come across a wide array of the coolest things going on within this sport.

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