Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Peter Mulbjerg's Steffen Brothers Build

I don't know what it is but lately the European builders have been killing it lately with their imaginative builds and this Steffen Brothers 7'9" 3/4 weight build that Peter Mulbjerg of Denmark finished recently is just striking in so many ways.

Peter wrote...  "I had planned for this to be a classic looking build and when I came across a picture of a CSE reel seat with a nickel silver barrel I knew what I wanted.  Sadly the original CSE reel seat was quite a bit over my price range so I decided to do, at least, some of it myself.

I bought a CSE cap and ring reel seat, a piece of nickel silver tubing, that I cut out and turned a birch bark insert for it and then glued the parts together.  I ended up with something that looked like the original.  So the cap, ring and cork check is CSE, the rest is my work along with the rest of the build, of course.

The slim taper grip was a pain to turn because its so thin walled and the birch bark kept delaminating...but you just glue, wait, and turn again."

Damn fine work and I bet that birch bark grip will age wonderfully over the years.


ratfacedmcdougal said...

Don't know what it is either. They sure have been nailing it. Even traditional builds are taken to the top shelf.

Michael Klemons said...

That is the prettiest rod I ever saw,,,ever.