Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Surface Film Preview Party

The Surface Film Preview Party is this Thursday in downtown Denver and if you're nearby it looks to be well worth your evening to attend as it will be a night of photography, live music, eats, drinks, and all for conservation.

I am also really stoked to see that Robert Yaskovic's fishy SpaghettiO's images have been used as the promotion for this event.  Very cool.

From The Greenbacks website...  "This premier show and sale of fishing photography includes over 20 of the finest and most dynamic outdoor photographers in the United States. We are selling the photos on a first come first serve basis this year at a flat price of $280. 

This preview party is your chance to be the first to take home the photo of your choice. Come to the opening night preview show featuring light appetizers, hang out with some of the photographers, and get the first shot at buying the photos."

Tickets for the preview party are $25 each and can be purchased HERE.

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