Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gear Review - Ghillie Kettle mKettle

This winter the children and I have been playing in the woods around our house quite a bit and one of our favorite things to carry along has been the Ghillie Kettle Explorer and most recently the smaller mKettle.

I've been really impressed with this little kettle and there is just a satisfaction making hot water with a fire made of twigs, leaves, and small pieces of wood found wherever we decide to stop for lunch.

The Ghillie Kettle mKettle comes in two parts with the neoprene sleeved hard anodized aluminum kettle and fire base, silicone stopper, user manual, and it's all packaged in a very compact black ripstop nylon bag.  The mKettle holds about 18 ounces of water and one boil will make two cups of hot water.  From start to boil time has been eight or ten minutes and other stoves using fuels might do it faster but it's really neat to see the fire build inside of the base and minutes later the water is ready.

The mKettle really is the perfect compact package for boiling water and cook kit and I plan to carry it along in my fly fishing gear from here on out.  It's half the size of our Explorer Kettle and can be easily packed along with other gear in a backpack for a day on the water.  Soon I am going to order the Ti Pot Support so that I can use my Ghillie Kettle Cook Kit and use the heat from boiling water to warm a pot of soup for lunch.

My only gripe with the mKettle is the silicone stopper which has to be removed from the mKettle during the boiling process or it might cause the whole thing to explode under heat.  I've found from the times that we've used it that bits of wood and ash can fall into the opening while adding sticks and wood pieces to the fire if you're not careful.  Not a big deal but something to consider if you are looking at the mKettle verus one of the other kettles with a whistle top.   

Check out the Ghillie Kettle website for more information on the mKettle and to compare to the larger sized kettles.

Remember to use code "TFMGHILLIE" for 10% off your order and free shipping when ordering from the Ghillie Kettle website.

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