Tuesday, March 18, 2014

McKellip Brothers - Cummings River Rat

Mark McKellip of McKellip Brothers Bamboo Rods builds a lot of fine cane but lately I am seeing him take on some very interesting glass projects which includes this build on a vintage 7' four weight Vince Cummings River Rat blank.  Blanks like these do not surface very often and Mark certainly worked hard to make this one special.  The stacked leather grip is such a neat aspect of Mark's builds and I can attest that they feel right in your hand.

Mark wrote...  "I just finished this seven foot four weight Vince Cummings River Rat blank using a stacked leather grip and seat.  I blued the hardware and mildrum stripper to match the dark Snake Brand guides.  I've been hoarding a rare vintage 2/0 silk Gudebrod black and red variegated spool of thread to use on the right blank when it came along, and this was the "right" blank. 

The leather used was of a different variety than I've used in the past and is a little darker than the other type.  Black ink doesn't show up on this blank for beans, so I did the inscription on the reel seat area where the reel foot hides it when a reel is mounted.  I did four coats of Tru-Oil, then the inscription, then four more coats.  This handle I buffed with 4/0 steel wool to give it a matte finish, and it feels great in the hand.  It casts great too!"

For more information check out the fiberglass fly rods page on the McKellip Brothers Bamboo Rods website.  Follow along with the latest shop news on Facebook too.

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