Friday, March 7, 2014


Are you ready for an emergency or have a go bag packed for an untimely disaster?  My good friend Dave Lofthouse recently started a new business called Better CERT Supplies and one of the products that I've been using, both at home and at work, is the small yet powerful flashlight that he offers called the LOGI.

The LOGI is a lightweight yet sturdy flashlight that is rated at 300 lumen and powered with just a single AA battery.  The LOGI has an adjustable beam and made from aluminum with a clip to keep it secure in a pocket or attached to a gear bag. The LOGI is priced at $15 and it's a very good value for the kickass flashlight that it is.

Extra credit points to Dave for wearing his T.F.M. Bluegill t-shirt in this short video demonstrating this tough little flashlight.

Give the Better CERT Supplies website a look and follow along on the Facebook page as well.  Dave is also doing quite a few demonstration videos on his YouTube channel that are worth watching too.

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