Tuesday, March 11, 2014

You Build - We Build - They Build

I give Carl McNeil of Swift Fly Fishing credit for quite a few things relating modern glass, but if I had to pick just A couple things that have impressed me, it would be that since the launch of the Epic fiberglass fly rod blanks, he's worked tirelessly to design a series of fiberglass fly rod blanks that really are pushing the envelope on what was thought possible with glass along with cultivating relationships with custom rod builders of the highest caliber all over the world.

The Swift Fly Fishing website was recently upgraded with a new feature that is now offering three ways to get your Epic fix with the ability to build an Epic fly rod yourself, pick and choose an Epic build that Swift Fly Fishing builds for you, or have something one of a kind built by one of the many excellent custom builders listed on the website.

The highlight of the "You Build" aspect of the website is that you can design a custom kit that comes complete with everything that is needed to build your Epic fly rod from start to finish.  The Epic kit also includes a step by step manual will walk you through the process of rod building through it's forty-two pages.

I built a kit this morning and the total cost was $490 in U.S. dollars which may sound a bit expensive but the kit does save you quite a bit of money than purchasing a blank, rod tube, and then components separately.  

The "We Build" side of the website allows you to configure and build the Epic fly rod that you want and Swift Fly Fishing will build it for you with your choice of blank, blank color, cork grip shape, reel seat hardware, and other aspects of the build as well. 

Prices for the "We Build" fly rods is going to be somewhere around $750.  Consider these the "factory builds" of the Epic world and I like the fact that Carl is building these in New Zealand and not outsourcing them elsewhere.  He also respects the custom fly rod builders that he works with to not offer his own builds at such a discount that it affects the orders that the "Certified Epic" builders may be approached about.

Finally, do you want something truly special?  Then search through the "Certified 100% Epic" listing of custom fly rod builders listed on the Swift Fly Fishing website and work with them to create something unique and special.

Custom Epic builds vary in price but most seem to be priced from $600 to $750 depending on who and how the fly rod is built.

In the coming weeks Swift Fly Fishing is looking to sponsor a giveaway on T.F.M. of one of their Epic kits.  Look for more information on that soon.

Check out the Swift Fly Fishing website and build out your dream Epic fly rod.


Oliver said...

I finally got a chance to take my 580 out on the water and get a fish on, and the rod is really something special..it casts a dry with delicacy and really transmits every movement of the fish, and at the same time it's tough enough to bend in half. I don't see any of my other rods getting as much use this season and now I really, really want a 480 and 686 and that's sort of a problem. ;)

Cameron Mortenson said...

Oliver...my opinion only, but if you like the 580 then the 480 and 686 will blow your glass loving mind.

Middlemac said...

Am I the only one here impressed with the pretty amazing packaging job on the kits? So unique..


Omykiss said...

I was lucky enough to fish the 580 George Minculete built for Cameron's loan program last year. I fished it on a spring creek usually reserved for my Winston BIIT. The cast and presentation were similar, but fighting and landing a 20" brown on 7x tippet was something I'll never forget. I have a blank of my own now, and want to have George build it up, but my eight month old daughter is directing my spending at the moment. These rods are nice, and I'd love to fish all of them.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Kevin...it is a very sharp package and Carl put a lot of time and thought into creating this kit. It shows.

Omykiss...congrats on the child...but they cramp the fly fishing lifestyle just a bit.