Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tycoon Cup Casting Competition

For those who may be considering attending the upcoming 2014 Michi-Glass International Gathering, Tycoon Tackle is sponsoring a new event which will be called the Tycoon Cup Casting Competition which will be held on the morning of Sunday, June 22nd, 2014.

From the Tycoon Tackle press release...

This will be the fiberglass rod competition equivalent to the bamboo world's "Hardy Cup" that is held annually in New York's Catskills. To take advantage of the likelihood of the morning being the time that is the most advantageous as far as wind is concerned, we will hold this tournament in the morning. We will set up a rod rack for all who want to compete to put their rods in, so that they can be inspected by all who are involved, and to be practice cast by all who will be involved.

Equipment: Glass rods with rod blank made of 100% fiberglass with the exception of ferrules.  No carbon cores or carbon scrims allowed. Ferrules can be any material including metal.  All rods will be inspected.

Max Length - 9' 
Max Line Weight - 7'

Floating fly line of at least 80' in length.  No shooting heads.  Shooting line can be used behind 80' fly line.

Min 7.5' mono leader with max of 9' in length with provided yarn or fly.

All rods must be inspected and placed in the tournament rod rack prior to the start of the competition to be inspected by all competitors. Any competitor is permitted to use any rod entered in the competition, regardless of who entered the rod or who owns the rod. With the durability of glass, their should not be an issue with broken rods.  However, you should probably leave your priceless Peaks and Claudios etc. out of the competition.


If you will be upset if your rod is accidentally broken during the competition do not enter it.
Suitable rods will be available to anyone interested in entering the competition.

Casting order of participants will be determined alphabetically by last name beginning with "A".

All casting will be done on a grass course. There will be a sizeable staked down tarp provided for casters to stand on, to eliminate the entanglement of line in the grass at your feet.

Accuracy course will consist of five targets #approximately 30" in diameter# placed at measured distances of 20', 30', 40', 50' and 60'.

Accuracy Scoring:  Each caster will cast two rounds. Each round will consist of one cast at each accuracy target starting with the closest target and continuing in order to the longest target. As much false casting as you want prior to each cast is permitted.

Each target has a different point value based on the distance of the target.
A caster will be given the above stated points for each target if:
1. Their fly lands inside the target.
2. Their fly hits inside the target and bounces out.
3. Their fly hits the ring of the target and bounces off. Judges will be stationed at each target on each cast to assure these rules are met.

A caster will receive a zero score if:
1. Their fly lands outside the target.
2. Their fly hits the ground outside the target and bounces in.
3. Their fly contacts the ground in front of the caster on any false cast.
4. The caster moves the fly before it can be scored.

All judge's decisions are final.

Distance Scoring:  Distance casts will be scored as one point for each foot from the casting line to the location of the fly. Each caster can make up to two practice casts prior to the casts that count for their score. Each caster will make three measured casts, with the two longest casts being added together to calculate their total distance score.

Each caster will receive a score equal to the total of all accuracy casts plus the total from their two longest distance casts to determine who the winner is.

The actual tournament will begin at around 10:00 AM after all participants can inspect the "battery" of rods available and do some practicing with whatever rod they should choose to use.
The winner will receive a "Tycoon Cup" plaque to keep for his efforts along with having his name to be engraved on the actual "Tycoon Cup" which will be used for ensuing competitions in the future years.

First Place - Tycoon Tackle Fiberglass Fly Rod
Second Place - Tycoon Tackle Hat
Third Place - Tycoon Tackle Hat

For more information visit the Fiberglass Flyrodders forum where there are several threads regarding the Michi-Glass event, what demo fly rods will be available to cast, and more on the casting competition as well.

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