Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fine Tackle - Inside The Process-Part 10

We are ten posts into Christian Hörgren of Fine Tackle with this Swift Fly Fishing Epic 580 build and it's at the finishing stage with wraps complete and being given light coats of epoxy to finish it off.

Christian wrote...  "Finishing a rod with epoxy has a long learning curve.  I would say it takes at least thirty rods before you have found your method and finish.  Stay to one brand of epoxy and get to know it well.  Modern rod epoxies are all self-leveling and become crystal clear.  One thing that might differ is the working time and the tolerance for bad proportioning.  I prefer Threadmaster Light.  I use artist brushes and apply the epoxy using a wrapping motor, which helps me to get the edges straight.  First round is with thinned epoxy (ca 10% alcohol).  After that, I trim the wraps with a sharp scalpel.  Second round is without thinner.  Sometimes I give it a third layer, depending on the outcome and the quality of the silk.  There is so much to say about finishing work, but the best way to learn is to repeat and adjust the technique on every build."

Check out the Fine Tackle website and Facebook page for the latest shop news and most recent builds.  Christian always has something interesting going on to check out.

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