Monday, May 12, 2014

Fine Tackle - Inside The Process - Part 4

It's the start of a new week and let's continue with the series covering the Swift Fly Fishing Epic 580 that Christian Hörgren of Fine Tackle is working on.  In this post Christian takes some time to blue the brass reel seat components and highlights the steps in doing so.

Christian wrote...  "I mix my bluing agent with water to slow down the bluing process.  It's important to clean the hardware before you start with the steel wool and alcohol.  It takes some practice to get a smooth and even color.  If you just let the blued brass dry afterwards, it will keep it's brown color, but if you buff it with a dry cloth, it will turn blue.  I use both techniques depending on color scheme.  Afterwards I always protect the bluing with a polyurethane finish."

Check out the Fine Tackle website and Facebook page for the latest shop news and most recent builds.  Christian always has something interesting going on to check out.

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Middlemac said...

Most interesting. I need to get my rod back to Matt Leiderman to have the blueing refreshed. He's excellent about offering this and minor repairs at no (or low) cost to his builds over time.