Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fine Tackle - Inside The Process - Part 9

The Swift Fly Fishing Epic 580 continues with Christian Hörgren of Fine Tackle in the shop wrapping each of the guides with silk as this build nears completion.

Christian wrote...  "I prefer to use silk for my builds.  Many glass rods are translucent, and nothing shines like silk.  I like to use colors that are similar to the blank, but a tad darker.  It makes them stand out in a subtle way, rather than pop out as an added decoration.  Make the wraps as short as possible, and pack the silk tightly.  Avoid to get in contact with the thread.  Silk is very fragile and has to be clean to get an even color."

Check out the Fine Tackle website and Facebook page for the latest shop news and most recent builds.  Christian always has something interesting going on to check out.

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