Thursday, June 12, 2014

BEAVER BASH 2014 - Day 1

I mentioned it the other day, but this week the fellows of Indigo Guide Service is putting on a media week dubbed Beaver Bash 2014 and I am along as co-host helping to organize some parts of the event.   The group is varied with writers, a photographer, and videographer and the point of the week is for everyone to have a good time, see what Beaver Island is all about, and hopefully develop some solid content out of the time here.

The cast and crew of the week starts with Kevin Morlock, Steven Martinez, and Austin Adduci as guides and the rest of the cast includes Dan Frasier from CarpPro Magazine, John Arnold from scumliner media, photographer Alex Landeen, Matt Smythe of, and then myself.

 The first day of the week started with an early morning run to Traverse City to pick up John, Alex, and Dan at the hotel and then run up to Charlevoix to jump on our Island Airways flight from the mainland over to Beaver Island.  Steve and Austin were waiting for us at the airport and after settling into The Fisherman's House, we were pushing out on the water around noon.

Over the next several hours everyone enjoyed a few hours of getting acquainted island life along with everyone touching a carp or two, and a few spunky smallmouth who were hanging around on the flats looking for an easy meal.  You know you're in a weird place when two to four pound smallmouth are aggravations when trying to present flies to a carp.

The day ended with dinner at the Stoney and then visiting a couple of the famed drinking establishments.  Everyone is getting along and the trip's off to a very stellar start. 


Jess McGlothlin said...

Looks like you guys are having fun, Cam. Can't wait for the day two report!

Mike Sepelak said...

You're killin' me.