Wednesday, June 18, 2014

BEAVER BASH 2014 - Day 5

After several days of gray and cold, it was really excellent to wake up to sun and no wind.  We got on the water an hour or so earlier than on previous days and the only concern in finding happy carp was that the water temps had dropped from the high 60's to the low 50's.  There had been an almost twenty degree shift on the flats over the past couple of days.

Throughout the morning the numbers of carp, along with a few smallmouth, on the flats increased but they seemed much more interested in warming up than chasing or even looking at a fly.  We likely saw hundreds, maybe even a thousand, carp over the day.  Frustrating or not, fishing with the lights on is so much better than under gray skies.

After dozens of fly changes, all three of us trying to figure out what they wanted, Matt had a good take later in the afternoon from a carp cruising the shallows that led from open water into a skinny water lagoon.  This fish ran him into to his backing as it took off for deeper water.

As a group, everyone found the carp this day to be mostly disinterested in flies and much more interested in finding warmer water which makes sense but still a bit disappointing that they weren't more cooperative.

Another tough day on the water but we made up for it with our last night out on the island.  Good times. 

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